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Our aim is to offer a value for money & quality repair service.

We will do our best to repair your equipment as quickly as possible at an affordable price so as to make a repair viable.

We will let you know if your equipment is worth repairing or if you should put your money toward a replacement.

As well as being able to repair the electronic components, we can also assist with software problems too.

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Broken TV Screens

If you have a TV that has a screen with any type of damage to it, then we would recommend that you put your money towards a replacement set.

This is because the screen would need replacing and the cost of doing this would be as much as, if not more than, the price of a new TV.

For this reason, we do not not get involved with repairing/replacing screens on any type of television unless they are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

The manufacturer would then need to supply us with the new screen and we would charge a labour/fitting fee direct to the customer.